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Gio -
Artist | Hobbyist
Name: Gio
Title: princess of angst
Typing style: she usually types without caps in chat, while does her best normally. She curses a lot and adds a lot of emoticons. Usually calls nice people "dear" and randomly RP with them.
Strife Specibi: andrewhussiekind. bring it beotch
Planet: Earth. Probably.
- :iconterranzo: - moirail
- :icon95alichan: - kismesis
- :iconjpegfluffy: - matesprit
Lives in: somewhere in north Italy
Likes: Homestuck, My Little Pony, Fullmetal Alchemist, Rayman, Sly Raccoon, Kingdom Hearts, trying to do some shitty fancomics, Pewdiepie, brutally edit Eren Jaeger as a Puella Magi, steampunk stuff, the Lion King, cute cartoonish characters full of angst and blood, RP, Harry Potter, Rayman, OOC Altair from Assassin's Creed.
Dislikes: lot of things. Expectially scary things. (which I watch/read anyway because im a fucking idiot apparently)
Bio: lovechild of Karl the statue and Ales Mansay.
SO LIKE, guys! I'm slowly getting closer to final exams before leaving high school.
This means hadding more and more time studying, stealin it from everything else.
For what matters at this point, since most of my works are around "Tales of the Glade", I'm forced to put aside for a while the fancomic.
Don't worry, I'm still going to post, when I get the time to colour! I have all the first chapter and ten pages of the second one ready to be inked, so I might work on it too in my spare time - probably during the evening.
I still don't know when the orals will be, but still exams are programmed to end maximum around the second week of July.

IN THE OTHER HAND, for better news, I think it's time to re-open (?) requests. Probably this summer I'll start making commissions, but still there's time for those, right? 
Yet again, I'd like to tell you a "rule" or two about my requests:
1 - still, I'll be more into studying rather than drawing, so I'm sorry if it takes a lot of time!
2 - I can do to you sketches or coloured with pencil crayons, with or without black lines. Just tell me what you want!
3 - as always, there are three things I won't draw you: porn, fetishes and ocXcanon. I'm sorry!
4 - Anyway, I must ask you to be KIND when asking. It's a request, something I do because it pleases me, so if you come here and force me drawing something in a rude way I'll just ignore you and go on.
  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Reading: the Harry Potter saga

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